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Welcome to the Clinic's Telepractice Services

The Clinic at the Atlanta Speech School offers remote speech and language therapy and academic remediation services. Telepractice enables children and adults to receive exceptional, consistent treatment from experienced speech-language pathologists and Master’s degree educators, without the hassle of travel.

What is Telepractice?

During a teletherapy session, the clinician and client interface one-on-one via highly secure video conferencing, providing the same level of support afforded by an in-person appointment.

Research has shown that teletherapy is just as effective as traditional, in-person therapy. Clinicians are trained to provide services remotely through video conferencing and select evidence-based interventions appropriate to the teletherapy approach.

In order to have a speech and language or Learning Lab teletherapy session at home or at school, a client needs only a computer with internet access and a webcam. We will assist you in downloading the necessary software on your computer. Our organization and the practice software provider are available to help resolve troubleshooting issues that may occur.

Telepractice Offerings

Speech and language therapy offered via teletherapy include articulation, speech fluency (stuttering), and receptive and expressive language skill development including following directions, written language, reading comprehension, short term and long term memory, and recall.

Learning Lab academic support services are available via telepractice. Atlanta Speech School’s Learning Lab provides intervention to all students who require additional support to foster academic success. Our specialized approach helps children with language-based academic difficulties including reading, math, and study skills. Teletherapy sessions remediate academic weaknesses by using multi-sensory programing and by giving students tools and compensatory strategies to assist them in becoming more effective learners.

Is Speech Teletherapy Right for Me?

Speech-language therapy helps children and adults reach their full potential as communicators. Before scheduling a client’s first remote session, we perform an initial, in-person evaluation to ensure that treatment via teletherapy is right for that individual.

Benefits of Receiving Speech Therapy at Home

Since teletherapy grants one-on-one sessions between clinician and client, therapeutic methods can be individually tailored, just as they are when our speech-language pathologists see clients in person. Video conferencing allows clients to remain in the comfort of their natural environments, without sacrificing the quality of therapy sessions.

While there are no limitations to teletherapy, some of our local clients prefer to meet in person with their clinicians. In these instances, our speech-language pathologist and educators are able to meet with clients on campus in Atlanta, GA. Though many insurance companies cover speech and language teletherapy services, you should check with your provider to confirm your family’s coverage.

To schedule an appointment, please contact our Clinic at 404-233-5332.