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Speech-Language Therapy

The Clinic offers comprehensive and progressive speech, language, and literacy services to children within our school programs, in our local community, and nationally through our telepractice services. In-depth evaluations and therapeutic approaches are individualized to meet the needs of each client. Individual and group sessions are available during the academic year and the summer.

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to be a part of therapy sessions, either directly, or by observing their child’s session to help with the generalization of targeted skills in their home environments.

Group Experiences

Our  Speech-Language Therapy includes articulation, language, and social skills groups for young and adolescent children.

These groups are specifically designed to stimulate speech, language, and social development.


The Clinic also offers speech and language therapy sessions remotely. During a teletherapy session, the clinician and client interface via highly secure video conferencing, engaging in a one-on-one experience. Speech and language therapy services offered via telepractice include written language skill development, articulation, reading comprehension, receptive language skill development, fluency, and recall (verbalizing thoughts.) Clients need a computer with internet access and a webcam to participate in telepractice sessions.

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Our Staff

Our staff of speech-language pathologists hold graduate degrees, state licenses, and certification by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA.) All full-time staff are certified Wilson Dyslexia Practitioners.  Each speech-language pathologist has their own areas of expertise, contributing to the high quality of specialty services provided to allow each client develop their fullest potential.