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Occupational Therapy

Our Clinic occupational therapists focus on many areas that contribute to a child’s success in their daily life, with therapy designed to seem like play. For this kind of fun, clinicians draw upon extensive training in specialty areas to provide therapeutic activities that are the “just-right” challenge to foster growth and independence in daily tasks from writing, to playing a sport, managing tools, building puzzles, playing purposefully or even simply following a routine.

Therapeutic Programs and Services

Our occupational therapists provide support to families and children from infancy to adolescence in the areas of sensory processing, self-regulation, gross and fine motor coordination, visual perception, visual motor and handwriting skills, independent self-care and/or feeding skills, and play. Our state-of-the-art facility has several therapy rooms which feature amenities such as a rock climbing wall, zip line, ball pit, rope ladders, and suspended swings. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to be a part of therapy sessions, either directly, or by observing their child’s session in the observation booths attached to most therapy rooms.

Additional Programs:

  • Back-to-School OT Boot Camp
  • Pre-Writing and Writing Readiness Groups
  • Biking Success


Our Staff

Our staff of occupational therapists hold graduate degrees, state licenses, and certification by the National Board of Certification for Occupational Therapy. All occupational therapists are highly trained and each have their own areas of expertise, contributing to the high quality of specialty services provided (e.g. sensory integration, neuro-developmental therapy, therapeutic listening, feeding therapy, floor time, executive functioning, and visual processing/perception, etc.)