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Learning Lab

The Learning Lab of our Clinic provides one-on-one, small group intensive intervention for students who need remediation to foster academic success. Unlike tutoring, the Learning Lab helps students strengthen their academic weaknesses using specialized multisensory programs. Clinicians partner with families and provide tools and strategies to help students become more effective learners. Psycho-educational evaluation testing is recommended prior to starting Learning Lab to help clinicians customize their teaching to the individual needs of each student.

Individual and group sessions are available throughout the academic year and the summer.

Learning Lab Services

The Learning Lab offers in-person and online academic intervention sessions. During a session, the clinician and client work together one-on-one. Learning Lab services include written expression, reading comprehension, reading fluency, reading decoding, math skills and study skills. 

Our Staff

Learning Lab staff is made up Master’s level professionals including learning specialists, reading specialists, and speech-language pathologists. Clinicians specialize in many educational methods including Orton-Gillingham and Wilson. Services are in-person or online.